Beauty Salon Nottingham is a luxurious retreat located in Nottingham City Centre. It is the largest and most indulgent beauty salon in the city, set in a grand Victorian building. It is recently renovated to bring its customers the very best experience. The salon offers a wide range of services including car parking in the city for their customers. Some of their services include:
The salon offers body massages where they use Eco-Luxe organic spa products, which are soil association approved. These products are made from pure ingredients full of sweet aroma that will help you feel renewed and relaxed. The sweet aroma from these spa products and the massage will transport you to a relaxing haven ensuring your body, mind, and skin show the results without the need for chemicals.


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Waxu intimate wax is the best wax, it is superior, time-efficient and very comfortable. They have their unique waxing technique that warrants great results at every visit. There are different waxing options to choose from, we have the
waxu signature intimate wax-here all hair from the edge of the pant line to the inner and outer labia is removed with an optional strip of hair on your mound, the width and length are of your choosing.
The inbetween bikini- with this option, hair is removed from outside your pant line to the outer labia. A strip of hair is left on the top and to the anus. However, anus hair can be removed if need be.
Modest bikini-here hair is removed at the pant line but full hair growth is left at the top of the pubic area. This wax removes hair that could be visible outside the pant line.
Facial treatments
There is a range of facial treatments offered here, they use cosmeceutical treatments that will work on a deeper level of your skin to change its appearance. these treatments are of high quality designed to deliver results even after a single treatment.there are two options, Pinks Boutique Organic facials, and Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion. the pink boutique organic facial helps restore the natural balance of the skin. They use natural organic ingredients for a hydrated, clear, radiant skin. The microabrasion is designed to make your skin look younger by gently exfoliating the skin using safe methods.
Hands, feet, and nails
Manicures and pedicures are both offered here. At Beauty Salon Nottingham, they aim at making your manicure and pedicure experience unforgettable. They use all-natural organic products to create for you a beautiful and wonderful experience. At the end of your session, your hands and feet will feel rejuvenated and refreshed and your nails will look beautiful, giving you great confidence.
Gentlemen’s club
Here men are offered different professional treatments in a comfortable environment. Some of the services offered here are facials, body massages, pedicures, and manicures. Check for what you need and go for it.
Beauty Salon Nottingham also has a retreat garden where when the weather is warm, you can go and relax before and after your beautification session. When you come here, you are in for a pampering.